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Image by Rangga Cahya Nugraha


Every spark matters.


Our partnership is inspired over drinks - yes, where we have held some of the most interesting small talks on our intimate experiences. 


From these great conversations, we came to realize that every tiny detail is important in our experience, from the mood to every sense we have, and every spark matters.

Future Prospects

We are dedicated to cater the needs for satisfaction in every detail of an intimate relationship by offering a gift box consisting of some of our finest and well-curated products.

At the same time, we hope that more females/women can enjoy the pleasure from intimate experiences.

Being women of the new generation, we hope that we can promote and celebrate our sexual health as it is important to emotional and physical well- being. We hope our brand reminds every women,’We don’t need to be ashamed of our sexual desires.

Image by Dmitry Novikov
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